Silicone Nylon Tarp

Click Here To View Colors : 1.3 oz. Silicone Impregnated Ripstop 1.3 oz. silicone impregnated 30 denier, high tenacity, bright nylon ripstop with heat and

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Ray-Way Tarp Kit for Sewing a Camping Tarp, Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Each shelter type excels in certain categories. The tarp is at or near the top in all categories except bugs.

Silicone Nylon Tarp 48

The MLD Grace Tarp is a classic, lightweight “A Frame” tarp that is slightly tzoidal with a catenary (curved) cut ridgeline, rear, and front ends.

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Product Description FEATURED ITEM. Designed for the full range of pitch options this 11′ x 10′ tarp is primarily a flat tarp. Its 11 foot length is long enough

Cooke Custom Sewing, answering the custom needs of campers and serious backcountry explorers

Part rain tarp, part luxurious waterproof fortress, the ENO HouseFly rain tarp features silicon-impregnated nylon sides that keep you warm, dry and comfortable while

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What follows is a collection of information on materials, coatings, and construction techniques.

Features-Square Tarp for up to 50 different set ups; Tarp Material: USA made Ripstop Nylon; Tarp Coatings: PU (polyurethane) standard, Silicone (Silnylon) as noted

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