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You know the old saying “love hurts”? Sex can hurt, too. After menopause, up to half of all women have pain before, during, or after sex. With care, though, your love

If it hurts to pee after sex there might be several reasons why. Use this guide to figure out what your reason might be — and if it’s serious.

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Sorry, Janelle Monáe — “Sex Strikes” Are A Form Of Manipulation That Hurts Women

We asked you why you’re not having sex—right now, or ever. These are your stories.

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Many couples start having sex again somewhere in the range of four weeks to six months postpartum. Most healthcare providers advise waiting at least six weeks to

24-Year-Old Woman Caught Having Sex With After Shelter Supervisor Films It

Read these 22 important tips before losing your virginity and having sex for the first time if you truly want it to be a sexy and pain-free experience!

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Painful sex can have many causes. Here are 8 common ones and our expert solutions to make sex pleasurable again.

Whether you’re having sex for the very first time or the first time in a long time, you can expect some discomfort. The most common side effect of a prolonged

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