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It was a classic teenage love story. He was a football star, and she was a cheerleader. They met, they fell in love, they started having sex. And then the cops got

The issue of consensual sex is often only brought up when there is some sort of doubt about whether both people engaging in sex want it to happen. However, consent is

What is sex positivity? Like many terms within feminism, sex positivity means different things to different people. As a broad ideology and world view, sex positivity

According to a report in The Star Online today, 11 February, a secondary college student was reportedly having ‘consensual’ sexual relations with several mans.

A sex video has surfaced and a party is deeply embarrassed. The party took no time to remove him from the cabinet. A political party which is in the business of

Aug 21, 2012 · As you’ve probably heard by now, in an interview Sunday, Missouri Representative and Republican Senate nominee Todd Akin said he believed that -related

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Dubai: A 16-year-old collegeteen is disputing a deportation order and seeking to stay with her family after a court convicted her of having consensual sex with a

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Jan 19, 2012 · We do NOT believe in spanking ren!!! This blog is a real life account of our journey into the wonderful world of Spankings between consenting adults only.

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Some people seem confused on what consensual sex means and end up raping someone without consciously intending to and wouldn’t have if they had known it was .

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