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Do Pantyhose and tights after 40 look old? No, so long as you extra sheer, nude colored pantyhose that match your skin. Wear black or dark brown tights in winter.

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A reader writes: I’ve never worn makeup in my life before, and I don’t know anything about putting it on or wearing it or buying it. I’ve also never had a

Please note: Sizing is hosiery industry standard and identical to the major brands (i.e. LEGGS®) Have a look at all the styles of Peavey Pantyhose.

Questions about how to wear pantyhose and stockings are something I get asked about all the time so I decided to address it.

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If by underwear, you mean panties, then no. I do however work in an office job and wear pantyhose every day. I don’t wear panties because with pantyhose, I find

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I agree with Megan. I do not believe that stockings are out of style. Look at Duchess Kate for example. If you wear a quality pair of nude pantyhose or stockings I do

Your purse should be a different color than your shoe. Otherwise, your outfit will look too perfectly co-ordinated, which looks old. Yes, you can wear pantyhose, so

Do you have to wear pantyhose in the summer? The pantyhose-at-the-office question comes up so often, but I don’t think we’ve addressed it in a while — and

A reader writes: Perhaps my question is a bit trite, but do I have to wear pantyhose to an interview? I hate pantyhose. So much so that I haven’t owned or

With only a few weeks to go until summer officially begins, it’s a great time to discuss how to wear pantyhose in the summer — because even if your office is

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