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Taxco Silver Jewelry A Monument to a Vision: First Printing, “Taxco Silver Jewelry: A Monument to a Vision” Vintage Fashion and Costume Jewelry Magazine, Summer 2000

While the history of pens in the 19th and 20th century usually follows the story of their internal technology—how dip pens evolved to “s

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Holding a piece of sterling silver flatware in the palm of the hand is like holding a piece of moonlight. In fact, since ancient times, silv

VINTAGE SIAM STERLING SILVER GODDESS BRACELET. Collectible WIDE link bracelet from Old Siam. Sterling silver and green enamel, the etched design depicts the goddess

Vintage Silver Enamel 8

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Vintage Scandinavian, Arts & Crafts, Studio Artists Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Vintage Brooches & Pins 5: Signed Brooches, Sterling Silver Brooches: Most of the images are enlarged so you can consider the jewelry closely.

antique vintage silver and silverplate tableware, silverware, and serving pieces

Description: Vintage 18ct Gold Double Sided Enamel Bracelet With One side having a Triskele Symbol the other. It has been suggested that maybe this was made like this

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