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return to updates. THE SEXIEST WOMEN OF THE SCREEN a thinking man’s list. by Miles Mathis. I say “of the screen” here, because I have seen women just as sexy

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The History of Women and Their Eyelashes We’ve batted ’em since the beginning of time.

We know how important having perfect skin can be — that’s why we try all the latest skin care products and trends. Get reviews on the best products for your skin

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Empire ranks the hottest male actors out there, from Ryan Reynolds and Gosling to Benedict Cumberbatch take a look at the best faces in film.

The 10 sexiest shows on British TV that we can’t believe were allowed to happen. Don’t watch these with your mum.

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Rihanna might just be the world’s sexiest woman, but these 10 beauties from her island of Barbados can give BadGal RiRi a run for her money.

You’d recognize these iconic arches anywhere. 10 Celebrities with the Sexiest Eyebrows of All Time You’d recognize these iconic arches anywhere.

Where on earth can you find the biggest population of the sexiest women? While women in any country can be beautiful, there are many countries that seem to be graced

Step by step photos show you how to makeover your eyebrows. Too much or too little hair? Our before & afters and tools make it easy to get gorgeous eyebrows.

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Marilyn Monroe or Raquel Welch? Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston? We resolve every debate you’ve ever had with your buddies about the 100 sexiest women ever.

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