Many Teens Are Vegetarian

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Most Frequently Asked Questions. How many people are vegetarian or vegan? What are the different types of vegetarians? How do I become a vegetarian?

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Do you consider yourself to be a vegetarian? If you – like many teens – do not eat meat, poultry, or fish, you are! This article provides important information on

Vegetarian and vegan recipes, cooking, and nutrition tips, and info for vegetarian and vegan s and teens, from cookbook author Nava Atlas.

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What is a vegetarian diet and what are the benefits? What does a vegetarian eat? Find out how to become a vegetarian and how it might enhance your health.

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Are These Diets OK for Teens? In the past, choosing not to eat meat or -based foods was considered unusual in the United States. Times and attitudes have

Vegetarianism is increasing in the UK as more and more British people are deciding not to eat meat and products. According to the Vegetarian Society, 2000

How to Become a Vegetarian. There are many possible reasons for becoming a vegetarian. Some people do it to improve their health, while others are concerned about the

How to Be Vegetarian in a Non Vegetarian Country. So, you want to be/are a vegetarian – one who follows a lifetime diet composed out of grains, beans, dairy products

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Vegetarian recipes and nutrition information dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and

Teenagers around the globe are jumping on the vegetarian bandwagon, declaring their distaste for meat. But are teens neglecting their health in their fight against

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