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This recipe for bread stuffing calls for canned mushrooms, onion, celery, and poultry seasoning. It will make enough to stuff a 12 to 15 pound turkey.

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Food Advertising by My Mom’s traditional Thanksgiving stuffing, the one my entire family dreams about all year and descends upon like a pack of starving wolves the

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Homemade stuffing is one of the classic dishes that make the Thanksgiving meal wished for and dreamed about. MORE + LESS –

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Thanksgiving dressing (or stuffing, if you put it in the bird) is a wildly personal thing. Some versions are light and airy, and can almost be tossed around with a spoon.

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This pineapple stuffing has been a family favorite for years. We usually have it during our Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter dinners. The holidays just aren’t the

Everyone loves this southern homemade cornbread dressing. It’s my grandmothers recipe who is the best cook! Full of flavor, firm yet moist. Perfect dressing!

Last year I used my method of making turkey/chicken stuffing and used the pre-made packaged mix. My family never knew the difference. Easy and quick with that

Ina Garten’s Sausage and Herb Stuffing recipe from Barefoot Contessa on Food Network features spicy Italian sausage, apples and dried cranberries.

Homemade bread stuffing will be a breeze this Thanksgiving with this crowd-pleasing recipe that calls for onion, celery, sage, and thyme.

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There is no one right recipe for stuffing, turkey’s perennial partner, just a general formula: Mix a dry base such as day-old bread with sauteed vegetables, meat (if

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