Guys With Shaved Armpits

So why do some gay guys shave their bodies? As is the case with professional body builders, some guys shave because they think it makes their muscles more visible.

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Germaine Pie Is Puzzled By Her Pits: What causes darkened armpits and what can we do to get rid of them? They’re so embarrassing! The Right Brain Raises

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Should a man shave his armpits? Simple question. And not an odd question if you think about it. Half the population (women) already shave their armpits.

May 03, 2015 · It feels like fresh-shaved balls, but in my armpits. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Blue Paris Stomp

Gay underwear spices things up! Here we share pics of hot guys wearing sexy gay underwear like jockstraps, briefs, socks, boxers get ready to see some bulges!

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Why Men Should Shave Their Armpits Thousands of guys say it’s completely normal (and necessary) By Erin Weaver September 7, 2015

Sexy Male Armpits. For guys who go nuts over the sight of another man’s armpits, this collection of guys showing off the pits ranges from men to mandies and all

NSFW. Two gay guys in love sharing their sex life and fantasies. We’d love to hear from other couples too. Write us to [email protected]

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Apr 27, 2016 · How to Shave Your Armpits. Removing underarm hair can help reduce odor and is a cultural norm in many places. Some athletes, such as swimmers, remove body

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