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Gravity Falls is an animated Disney Channel Original Series created by Alex Hirsch and produced by Rob Renzetti. It premiered on June 29, 2012. For their …

Holy fuck this is already getting good. Goddamn you Shad. The suspense you put in to your comics gives me massive blueballs, but I love it anyways.

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Jul 18, 2017 · Gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center. The force of gravity keeps all of the planets in orbit around the sun

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Shit-faced drunk for less than $3. That’s probably the easiest way to sum up the genius that is Steel Reserve. I can imagine the birth of this wonderful high

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Im going to assume it was pretty obvious this was going to happen. Next and Final page coming very soon. -Shadman

I’ve been using the gravity gun a lot on ftb unleashed, and i’ve noticed some interesting effects when combined with twilight forest. For example, when you stand

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