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Russian Business Visa information, single entry, multi-entry invitations issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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A Russian-built rocket failed during a communications satellite launch over the weekend, dealing another blow to the nation’s space program.

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#Count of missions in the direction of Mars attempted by the nation. Russian Mars exploration in the post-Soviet period. Mars-94 mission

A prominent Russian opposition activist has been hospitalised with organ failure, two years after he almost died of suspected poisoning. Journalist Vladimir Kara

The Battle of Sarikamish (Armenian: Սարիղամիշի ճակատամարտ (Sarighamishi chakatamart), Russian: Сражение при Сарыкамыше

Jun 03, 2015 · Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov wants people to stop asking him about the failed “reset” with Russia because he says “it was the invention of

Dec 26, 2016 · A problem has emerged for France’s anti-immigrant, anti-Euro presidential frontrunner, Marine Le Pen, and it has little to do with being behind in the polls.

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This is, of course, only a partial list – the real list is longer and runs deeper in the Russian power structure. The people on this list range from dangerous

Proton has been the most troubled of the Russian boosters, with six failures, 1 partial failure and 11 spacecraft lost. One spacecraft was able to reach its intended

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