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Femdom stories. Sissy torture femdom story. Sissy torturing femdom.

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Bondage galleries and pictures, bondage video, teens rope tied and gagged galleries, fetish bondage stories.

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Here’s another comission for rbrb34. Larry and his wife Abby had a great relationship, she turned to warm butter at the sight of ropes, and loved being Wife and

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Links. Restrained Tastes (home of Doug’s Knotbuster great sites) Tied and True Tales (Mason’s Tied and True Tales) http://books.dreambook.com/milesh/levostrestorie

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A submissive’s journey into slavery. I’m relatively new to the Master/slave lifestyle. I am owned by my wonderful Master. He is very experienced and has wonderful

I began quietly, I’ll exit quietly. No fireworks, no huzzahs, no parades, just a wave, a wink and a lot of gratefulness. Thanks to all my visitors and contributors

Home Invasion. By JayCee. It’s taken me a long time to be willing to write this. I’m unsure of my writing skills. But I finally decided to do it because I keep having

To Little_|)4|\| I once read that the best way to gag someone with an all-around tape gag is putting the first layer of tape inside out, that is with the sticky side

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The napping of Sarah and Jenny. by PH. In the story “napped” I described how the two teens Sarah and Jenny, teens and cousins of my best friend Joe, had

CONTRIBUTIONS . This is the part of the website set aside for your stories, so if you want to send something in feel free – these people did By Bandit

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